Monday, January 23, 2017

"High" Speed Rail?

Much has been said about our state governor's push for high speed rail.  Here are some stats from the California High Speed Rail Authority.  

  • The original ballot measure said it would cost $40 billion.  Current estimate: $110 billion.  
  • Advertised ridership: 24-41 million.  Current estimates: 5-7 million. 
  • Promised travel time Los Angeles to San Francisco: 2.6 hours.  Current estimate: 4.5+ hours. 
  • Ballot measure said the bond would cover 1/4 the cost $10 million) and no taxpayer money, with the rest coming from Federal and private entities, but not 1 penny of private money has been promised or secured.  
  • The first leg from Madera to Shafter (where??) was required to be completed in 2017.  New estimate: 2025 and counting (not one inch of track has been laid yet).  

Does anyone see the problem here?